News and stories archive

09.11.2021 ESA feature story 'Satellites pinpoint communities at risk of permafrost thaw'

22.06.2021 2 vacancies in the framework of ERC Q-Arctic (2 PhD positions), open until filled

09.06.2021 New ESA funded project lead by b.geos 'EO4PAC - Earth Observation for Permafrost affected Arctic Coasts'

16.12.2020 ESA Climate Office feature story 'Long-term permafrost record details Arctic thaw'

04.11.2020 ERC Synergy grant for Annett Bartsch together with MPI Hamburg and MPI Jena - Q-Arctic - "Quantifying disturbance impacts on feedbacks between Arctic permafrost and global climate" (APA-news in German)

01.10.2020 Interview on climate change impacts in the Arctic with Annett Bartsch in BIORAMA #68 (print version and in German only)

07.05.2020 b.geos involved in a HORIZON2020 project to advance the adaptive capacity of Arctic communities

26.02.2020 ESA feature story on CCI+Permafrost 'Picturing permafrost in the Arctic'

06.02.2020 ORF online feature story 'The climate change data collectors/Die Datensammler des Klimawandels' (in German)

17.05.2019 ESA feature story on Permafrost 'Satellites yield insight into not so permanent permafrost'

20.04.2019 DerStandard story on female pioneers at Vienna University of Technology - Annett Bartsch as first woman who obtained a habiltation in the section geoinformatics (in German)

29.10.2018 Success Story 'Arctic Lakes from Space' on UN space4water portal